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83 years consecutive years of building high quality handcrafted accordions!

Based in Castelfidardo, Italy, Gabbanelli are famous worldwide for our craftsmanship, and our accordions have always kept pace with the changing demands for styles and features. From the popular models of the 1950's to the famous "Gabbanelli" models seen and heard today, we continue to innovate by custom designing accordions to meet your individual needs and tastes.
Whether it's Mexican Norteno, Tejano, Zydeco or even Portugese, Irish, Scandinavian or South American folk, you'll find Gabbanelli making music happen everywhere!

83 years strong, Gabbanelli is here to play!
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Gabbanelli Original
Via C.Battisti, 18 60022 Castelfidardo (AN), Italy

Gabbanelli Accordions “The Original” - Via C.Battisti n.18, 60022 Castelfidardo (AN), Italy Tel.+ Fax: +39/071/780386

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